Technology at the service of our well-being

The human body has incredible abilities beyond our imagination. Under certain conditions, we can even draw on our own resources to recover a state of balance and well-being. However, we only use part of these abilities and in the decades to come, technologies will allow us to develop our real potential and increase our physical and cognitive abilities.

At URGOTECH, we believe that the best technologies, currently available from healthcare professionals, should be made accessible to everyone, allowing us to become an actor of our own health and improve our lives.

To make the most effective healthcare technologies accessible to everyone

At URGOTECH, our mission is to provide everyone access to the best technologies used by healthcare professionals. We transform these technologies into innovative, efficient and easy-to-use at-home solutions.

We collaborate with scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals to identify and understand the unmet needs.
We work with them to design scientifically proven, non-invasive solutions with no side effects to improve everyone’s lives.

URGO Group is a century old family owned company specialized in wound healing, general well-being and health.

Founded in 2015, URGOTECH, the startup within the Group, explores technological innovations to invent the healthcare of tomorrow.

Through a focus on prevention and empowerment,
URGOTECH offers scientifically proven technological solutions made accessible to everyone.

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The people we seek to help are looking for effective and scientifically proven methods to live a better life (manage their stress, sleep better, avoid urinary leakage).
At URGOTECH, we adapt solutions that have long been practiced by healthcare professionals and make them simple and accessible to everyone.

Guirec Le Lous, president of URGOTECH

Our commitments

URGOTECH is committed to Action Santé Femmes

Founded by a team of doctors and midwives, Actions Santé Femmes (ASF) is an association that works for the health of the most vulnerable women in France and around the world.

Started in 2019 and in collaboration with the Cambodian Midwife Association, ASF launched a training program on pelvic floor rehabilitation, provided to midwives at the National Mother and Child Health Center (NMCHC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

URGOTECH is committed to the ASF association in funding these training sessions. For every URGO Mia sensor purchased, URGOTECH donates €1 to ASF.

URGOTECH is also committed to the “A chacun son Everest” association.

“A chacun son Everest” helps children with cancer and leukemia as well as women in remission from breast cancer to “heal better,” by supporting them in the difficult post-cancer phase.

URGOTECH is involved in funding cardiac coherence training with nurses. This scientifically proven relaxation method helps patients manage their stress through breathing exercises.

URGOTECH is continuously committed to the advancement of research in cognitive abilities and learning through the establishment of clinical partnerships with the largest French (CNRS) and European institutes.

Relearn to sleep better

Developed with sleep experts and neuroscientists, URGOnight is a Sleep Training Program used during the day to train your brain to sleep better.

URGOnight consist of an EEG measurement headband and a mobile application with customized brain exercises. URGOnight uses neurofeedback, previously only available to clinics and sleep researchers re. It only takes 20 minutes of training, 3 times a week to relearn to sleep better, sustainably

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Take control of your pelvic floor

URGOMia lets users sustainably strengthen their pelvic floor to overcome urinary leakage. URGOMia includes a vaginal sensor connected to a mobile app.

The app determines the user profile and proposes a custom program to tone the pelvic floor by performing simple, fun, customized exercises at home.

URGOMia uses the scientifically proven biofeedback method, which lets you visualize the contractions of your pelvic floor in real time, to adjust your efforts and ensure the effectiveness of the exercises.

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Effectively manage your stress

The URGOFeel sensor, in combination with its mobile app, guides the user in daily stress management through Cardiac Coherence in biofeedback.

Using fun and progressive breathing exercises, URGOFeel’s real-time visualization lets you learn to effectively relax, for lasting control of your stress.

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